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Our mission

Our goal

To provide our clients with the ability to make the world a better place using modern technology

To help startups and enterprises create great digital products and provide full technical support during the entire product life cycle

Meet our development team

We are a savvy and well-organized development team with a broad experience across many technologies and business fields: our portfolio includes digital products for crypto projects, restaurants, government agencies, factories, corporations and other industries.

We believe in clean, scalable code, research-based decisions and efficient, direct communication — and, above all, providing direct value to our clients and their businesses. By the way, you can find us in the top mobile app development companies

George Kraychik


George has an outstanding knowledge in the business processes of software design and development. He has extensive expertise in business management and finance, which includes risk assessment, investment and funds managing

At Sixhands we maintain and constantly evolve our company to be able to consistently deliver sustainable solutions for our clients needs

Vasilii Kaliteevskii


Vasilii has profound commercial experience in product design and development, having launched several tech startups. Vasilii is an alumnus of LUT University, where he earned a PhD in AI and machine learning for product conceptual design stage

All our efforts are aiming for your product made with Sixhands to be viable and meet the market in the most profitable way

Denis Timonenkov

Chief Operating Officer

Denis makes sure that everything within the company works exactly as intended and that the internal operations of our team are always on point

Milena Miskevich

Head of Sales

Milena welcomes our new clients and knows the exact questions to ask to grasp the concept of a project and reach mutual understanding

Victoria Vysotskaya

Head of Production

Victoria follows all the best practices of the product development and introduces new approaches to our development framework

Mark Zlatkovsky

Head of Project Management

Mark is responsible for making all the projects run effectively and meet all the deliverables and milestones in time

Anastasia Nevstruyeva

Head of HR

Anastasia makes sure that everyone on the team is in a comfortable and healthy environment to promote productivity and a thoughtful approach to work

Nadezhda Padeyskaya

Chief Compliance Officer

Nadezhdа oversees the business practices of our team and makes sure that our clients have a smooth and comfortable experience in dealing with our company

Dmitry Veremeev

Head of Analytics

Dmitry holds the business analytics team to a high standard of precision, insight and industry knowledge to deliver data that is relevant and useful for our clients projects

Our history


Sixhands was founded as a product company. We created Shapical X, an advanced photo editor, and several other projects.


As the team was getting bigger and more experienced, we started to offer web and mobile development services by 2016. Our goal was to share our design and development experience with founders and businesses and help them build outstanding digital products.


We branched out into AI and blockchain development.


As our team has grown significantly, we started to offer CGI and game development services. Since its inception, our company has built over 100 digital products and continues to grow.