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Tailored analytics solutions

Our solutions are tailored to specific stages of product development and adapted to its unique needs and circumstances. We provide market research, help to define the idea of the product and the problems it solves, as well as work with a variety of data sources, including web analytics, mobile analytics, and customer relationship management systems to improve established products. We have extensive experience in uncovering trends and patterns in product usage to help businesses optimize the product and drive growth

Our Product Analytics services

Product discovery

We research the product, the pain points of potential customers and develop a detailed concept of the upcoming product

Customer development

We look for and analyze the target audience of the product, describe the problems they face, and research the way the product can solve them

Product design

We develop specific solutions for the customers’ pain points and come up with designs for the MVP to test our hypotheses

Market analysis

We analyze what the market for the product is and develop a sound financial model for the product to thrive

Marketing strategy

We create a detailed go-to-market strategy that will bring your product to its target audience in a meaningful way

Product delivery

We create a roadmap for the product, come up with the most fitting technical solutions for it, gather the data and calibrate the focus of development according to it

Our benefits

Experience and expertise

We offer high-quality software development services with a proven track record of success, and a team of experienced developers who are experts in their fields


We adhere to the latest technologies and tools to ensure your software is cutting-edge and competitive, while also being secure and user-friendly


We utilise proven methodologies and best practices to ensure timely delivery and cost-effectiveness, as well as offer competitive pricing and transparent billing to ensure you get the best value for your investment

Availability and collaboration

We believe in strong communication and collaboration to keep you informed and involved throughout the development process, and offer flexible engagement models to meet the specific needs of your project

Our experience in product analytics, backed by numbers


We designed and developed a geometric photo editor that had a unique value proposition and gained recognition thanks to a sound go-to-market strategy

2 000 000+ installs


We came up with a distinctive concept of a video editor for animating still photos and developed the mobile application that found a product-market fit

100 000 MAU

Qubix Infinity

We designed and developed an NFT game that successfully finished the seed round of investments through solid product positioning and unique features

$500 000 raised


We provided consulting for the most popular pet supplies store in the CIS market and developed mobile applications that became widely adopted

$100 000 MRR

Our product analytics process

We adapt this process based on the current stage of the product life cycle and its main areas of improvement


Strategy and conceptualization

We help to define the core idea of the product and the problems it solves, as well as develop a strategy for its development and delivery



We collect, process and analyze data and user metrics gathered from various sources, then explore them to identify patterns, trends, and insights that can inform product decisions and correctly identify the market needs



We use the collected insights and solutions to develop the product using technologies and methodologies that are most relevant to its specific needs and requirements


Go-to-market strategy

We develop a GTM strategy that delivers the product to its customers in a meaningful way, and help to build a sustainable inflow of new users



We help to define the areas of growth and develop data-driven solutions to scale the product and achieve various business and user-oriented goals



We monitor the product’s performance over time, using metrics such as user engagement, conversion rate, and revenue to identify areas that require optimization, and continuously iterate and improve the product based on the insights gained from the research

Development Process

1. Product analytics

Our professionals analyze your product, gather all the requirements and prepare a document containing the full specifications of your product

2. Development

We build software solutions hand in hand with your business department and deliver new product updates with short iterations

3. Testing and bug fixing

We believe that thorough testing is the key to a great product, and thus we do automated and manual testing in order to eliminate the bugs as fast as possible

4. Product launch

We publish your applications and make them available to the users

5. Support and promotion

We provide technical support to all the software solutions and help to promote your products to your target audience

Time to make informed decisions

Don't make decisions based on guesses. Trust Sixhands to provide the insights you need to optimize your product and drive growth. Contact us today to learn more about our product analytics services


we use for Product analytics

Lean Canvas



Customer Development

Value Proposition

Customer Journey Map

Product Metrics

User Stories

Google Analytics

North Star Metric


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