Vasily Kaliteevsky

April 28, 2021
3 min

Most people who have pets in many Eastern European countries have heard about the largest online pet supplies store Petshop, and its network of physical stores. In this article, we will talk about how we made a mobile application for Petshop.


The online pet store Petshop is already ten years old. For the time this store has existed, it developed a major IT infrastructure. Thus, we only had to develop Android and iOS apps — there was no need to implement server software and API. Thanks to that, we were ready to present an MVP in the shortest timeframe possible.

The specifics

We paid special attention to the analytics of mobile applications. Thus, every user action in the application is wrapped in Firebase-Intelligence handlers. The main feature of the development is showing all of the analytics results for all platforms on one dashboard.


During the app implementation, we encountered a problem. The thing is that Google Mobile Services on modern Huawei devices are banned. Thus, the main Google Mobile Services (GMS) toolkit, which Google Firebase is indirectly part of, does not work on them. We decided to add events through the Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) and then proxied them to Firebase to solve the problem.


We were pleased to work with a professional team that works on the largest online pet store in the country. We are still working on the application improvement and wish the store further growth and success!

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