Flex Databases

Mark Zlatkovsky

July 5, 2021
3 min

Main challenges

Flex Databases had an existing marketing website, but it had issues with user experience, so it didn't get much attention online for a long time. The website needed to be improved.

We needed to put the client's team designs into action and redo the website. We decided to keep using WordPress, so that our website wouldn't need to be re-indexed.

Speedy marketing solutions

The goal of the website was to get new customers and show what the company does. So, it was important to make sure people stayed on the website. To do that, we made the website faster by optimizing the plugins and making sure it showed up higher in search results.

UX/UI Redesign

Our team and the client's designers worked side by side on this project. Unfortunately, they didn't have the finished designs yet, so it was difficult to estimate the expected workload. In order to make sure we met the deadline, we worked on the redesign and building the layouts simultaneously, as soon as each page was ready.


Our collaboration with Flex Databases didn't end after the project was completed. We fulfilled the client's task and have continued working together, providing technical support and adding new features when needed. Helping to save lives with software and data seems rewarding.

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