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George Kraychik

April 6, 2022
4 min

Our client is a large Russian school of management, which trains future entrepreneurs and business managers. The task assigned by its representative was to develop a presentation website for the school with a custom user's personal account.

Technology stack

Our customer was looking for the most professional and supported solution, so we chose the React frontend framework for development, which provides modularity and fast scaling of the frontend.

Drag-and-Drop on any device

One of the most interesting tasks for us was the implementation of a comprehensive questionnaire, which users fill in when signing up for courses. Later managers create a unique program for each student based on its results.

Among other things, the creation of the questionnaire implied a non-standard implementation of the Drag-and-Drop effect. It is used, for example, in one of the sections in which the user is required to place his life priorities in descending order. Any D'n'D library under React ensures that functions are displayed correctly only on the PC, so we have expanded the library to include mobile devices.

Website management

It is important for students to understand how effectively they are moving towards their goals. To do this, on the main page of your account there is a stat of the improved user’s skills. In order to allow managers to modify the site data and thus provide feedback, we have integrated it with the service gist GitHub platform, avoiding the cost of developing the administrative panel.


Eventually, we have developed a unique website for the school of future supervisors, directors and entrepreneurs. Our comprehensive functionality allows project managers to find an individual approach to each student. Already hundreds of users have been trained on the platform, gaining all the essential skills and knowledge to work in the field of social activities and business management.

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