Farid Guliyev

October 15, 2020
5 min

LocalChair is an app, with the help of which owners of beauty salons can rent out their premises, and masters can accordingly rent them.

Though the industry in Russia is developing rapidly, such a service did not exist before. That is why the customer approached us with such a task.

Project start

The first task for our team was to prepare the Technical Specification. To overview the project from the point of view of product development, we have described all the processes, starting from the business model of the product to the detailed development of the whole functionality and its dependencies. Then our designers drew UX/UI layouts tailored to the specifics of Google Material Design for layouts under Android and Human Interface Guidelines for Apple devices to make the interfaces of apps on both platforms look more native.


Now we can take the major part of the development. We had to create the server and client parts of the app, as well as an administrative panel for the platform managers.

We decided to do the server part on Node.js, because this framework, despite its lightness, is oriented to handling a large flow of incoming client requests, and therefore meets an important requirement of the task. MySQL was chosen as the database.

The client part includes two native mobile apps, both for iOS and Android. The app for iOS was written on Swift, for Android on Kotlin.

The administrative panel was made on React.js because it is an optimal choice for developing functional user interfaces framework.

Administration panel

Admin panel has to perform management of the app, which includes verification of the publication of places for rent, updating information, compliance with user rules, and management of technical support. All this is implemented in one concise and clear interface, allowing moderators and administrators to quickly respond to everything that happens in the system.

Implementation Features

The most interesting challenge we faced during the development of  the app is the reservation and payment systems, which (according to the business model) implied splitting payments. The technical difficulty was the necessity to ensure the security of transactions within the service and payment data of users. We have achieved maximum security and suitable solutions for processing and distribution of payments thanks to the internal architecture, which is based on the integration of Yandex.Cashier and Tochka Bank payment system. Experts from the bank offered us an individual solution that fully satisfied the business model of our client.


Eventually, joint with our client, we have solved one of the main problems of owners of beauty salons, and now our app is in demand by hundreds of thousands of masters and their clients.

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