Aleksandra Borunova

April 6, 2021
3 min

Microblading is an application designed for beauty salon owners and private masters. It allows users to fill out and store necessary documents in a convenient format. We developed a new version of an app to make it user-friendly and improve performance.

Technical Challenges

Our team supported the app for a long time, but encountered regular bugs on the server side that made it unsustainable. After discussing the issue with the customer, we decided to completely redevelop the app.


However, since the previous version was still in production, we had to implement a new version in theshortest timeframe possible. The customer's server was rented on AWS (Amazon Web Services) and contained not only the Microblading App, but also various other applications. To begin implementation, we had to systemize all the files in the container and provide each application with its own separate container. While one our team worked on the server part, another team focused on the client side.

New App Architecture

Since the web developers had created new functions, we had to come up with a new app architecture. We decided to develop the backend with the Django framework and store all media files using new object storage technology (by AWS).


After implementing and testing the app, we were ready to publish it. The backend developers relocated all the media files from the previous storage to the new one, and only then did we release the new Microblading App. We successfully relocated it, and app users are actively switching to the new version.

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