Marina Lesage

March 11, 2020
3 min

Movee is a photo editing app that allows users to create short videos by superimposing dynamic shaders on static pictures. The app was first designed with basic requirements in mind, and a detailed development roadmap was drafted to set the implementation in motion. Two native apps were created for iOS and Android.

Main Feature

The main feature of Movee is that it allows users to turn photos into animated pictures by superimposing dynamic backgrounds on them. To achieve this, the selected graphic shader lies on a mask that the user "draws" on the image with the help of an eraser. Developing the shaders turned out to be the most interesting task during implementation.

Professional and Scalable Animated Backgrounds

To ensure professional and scalable animated backgrounds, Movee used a low-level OpenGL library. This allowed for a quick call of graphics functions.

Social Networking Functionality

To enable users to share their new photos processed in Movee, social networking functionality was implemented in the app. Fast data exchange was required, so Firebase cloud database was incorporated on the server side. This allowed for a quick response to requests from the client side.


So far, Movee has performed well with 57 filters, 756K downloads, and an endless drive to improve the product by listening to user feedback. The focus on user needs and feedback has helped to make Movee a popular choice for photo editing and video creation.

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