Qubix Infinity

Vasily Kaliteevsky

November 17, 2022
5 min

Qubix Infinity is a play-to-earn (P2E) metaverse where gamers participate in old-school battles, upgrade their skills, and earn money by winning tournaments. The metaverse features an internal NFT marketplace where players can buy and sell artifacts to upgrade their characters and increase their chances of winning. This is our in-house project, and we are pleased to present our current successes and plans. Check them out here.

The Legend of Qubix

In 3127, humans built advanced space stations and cities and created Qubixes, durable robots powered by AI, to explore space. Initially used for labor, Qubixes faced skepticism due to their emotionless design. A new model with a facial plate module was created, allowing Qubixes to display emotions and react more humanly. The new models quickly became popular and were used for mining resources on asteroids and planets. This led to competition and a war among corporations for Qubix development dominance. Qubixes with negative emotion imprints were taken off the production line. Free miners united and created virtual battlefields to train Qubixes for any situation. There the story begins.

The Roadmap

The Qubix Infinity team has created and released smart contracts for their game that distribute tokens after game results. These contracts work with Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, and other systems.

They've also created a mini-game called Qubix Duel for iOS and Android, which is available for testing on TestFlight and Google Play. These games will be used for a marketing airdrop system.

Users can invite friends to join the game before it's released and earn QBXC currency through a referral program. The program tracks referees on different levels and rewards them with QBXC at the TGE event.

To ensure the game is balanced and fun, the team has created a matchmaking algorithm that forms teams based on ELO ratings. They've also created a CGI scene and more than 128 3D models of different qubixes, which they've used in a trailer for the game. The team has used microservices infrastructure on Amazon Services for traffic scaling and game sustainability.


PVP Arena

Members can participate in PvP matches by buying a ticket in the Rooms for bigger winnings, in daily free-roll tournaments to earn with no risk, and in the free-to-play mode in PvE Arena to train and get daily rewards.

Room Builder

The Room Builder feature allows players to create a custom room and earn commissions from each game played in this room.


The Marketplace feature can be used to get wanted assets for a better game or monetize a user's NFT collection by renting or selling the items.

Summits and Conferences

The Qubix Infinity team presented the project at the WoW Summit in Dubai in March 2022 and made a special key note speech on the conference. They also presented a game in the real-time tournament of the game guilds from the big scene of the Metacon conference in Dubai in June 2022.

What's Next

Qubix Infinity is a promising play-to-earn metaverse game that offers players the opportunity to participate in old-school battles, upgrade their skills, and earn money through tournaments. The game also features an NFT marketplace where players can buy and sell artifacts to enhance their characters and increase their chances of success. This project has fascinating potential, and it will be exciting to see how it develops in the coming months and years.

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