Dmitry Kopytov

June 16, 2020
3 min

Background Scanning

DronFinder is an innovative app designed to monitor unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) within the range of a Wi-Fi radar device. The app can be used on any Android device and carries out background scanning on a 2.4 GHz frequency to locate unknown UAVs as well as the registered ones.

Scanning History and Distance Calculation

One of the main features of DronFinder is its ability to perform background scanning and save scanning history, including the distance to the located UAV. The app calculates the distance using the WiFi signal strength.

Cloud Storage and Real-Time Sync

To ensure that all registered UAVs are saved and accessible, we set up a remote cloud storage using Firebase with the IP addresses of all registered UAVs. The app synchronizes with the cloud storage in real-time both in background mode and in on-state.

Efficiency and Overcoming System Restrictions

DronFinder runs in the most efficient regime due to two essential developments. Firstly, we took into account the energy usage requirements as the app runs constantly in the background mode. Secondly, we overcame the system restrictions that were set up by the Android platform for apps with background modes.


DronFinder is an essential tool for anyone who wants to monitor UAVs. Its background scanning and scanning history features make it easy to locate both known and unknown UAVs. Additionally, the app's real-time synchronization with remote cloud storage ensures that all registered UAVs are easily accessible. With DronFinder, users can have peace of mind knowing that they have a reliable and efficient app to monitor UAVs.

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